2012 Family Events


Christmas Party - December 22, 2013

Our very first Christmas celebration. We had an awesome time together, and all the kids were invited! We received toys from City of Toronto’s Firefighter Toy Drive. There were different activities such as gingerbread cookie decoration, pictures with Santa, holiday songs, snowman, and more. We even had Helen from Books To Know organization led a reading session with children and donated books to our kids. 80 people attended this event.

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Mid-Fall Festival, September 30, 2012

Mid-fall festival is a Chinese traditional festival. We hosted this event for parents and kids to gather together and share moon cakes. During the event, there is a workshop for parents:“How to cope with sleeping issues?” Kids have fun activities to involved with, such as arts and crafts, balloons and trampoline. Around 50 people attended and Everyone enjoyed the event. We even had our very first fundraising initiative in the party.

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African Lion Safari - August 25, 2012

64 parents and children took a school bus to African Lion Safari. Although it was a hot day, everyone enjoyed the trip watching wild animals, playing water park, etc.


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