2013 Family Events




Christmas Party - December 22, 2013

Gifted People Services received a generous toy donation from City of Toronto’s Firefighter Toy Drive. We were able to share the joy and see smiles on our children’s faces. Santa came to our party again. Our kids had a passport that they need to get stamped by completing various activities in different rooms in order to get their prizes and gifts. We also had a mini talent show that included dancing, singing, playing piano, and the flute! After food, kids enjoyed a game called, “Carrying your animal across a river”. 156 people attended this event.




Multicultural Day - November 14, 2013

Multicultural day was a day filled with awesome performances by our children. The event was held at Splendid Mall in Toronto. Our gifted children performed on the piano and danced. It was excellent to see them have so much confidence and fun!




Halloween - October 31, 2013

This year we hosted an afternoon filled with treats, costumes, and of course, a lot of fun! We turned the office into a party room. All the kids had fun dressing up and seeing each other look different for a whole afternoon!




Strawberry Picking and Picnic - July 27, 2013

We took the families out for a day of strawberry picking at Whitmore Farm on Steeles. Both parents and children had a good time picking delicious strawberries to take back home. It was a beautiful day to be outside and just enjoy each other’s company. After the picking we went and had a wonderful picnic at Milliken Park in Scarborough. Kids were playing in the water park and on the slides and the swings.


Summer Trip 2013

We took parents and their children on a fun boat ride over the summer in Port Perry! The views were beautiful, and many children had their first ever boat trip! Parents brought along some fishing rods and they even got to go fishing as well.

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World Water Day Family Event-Save Water, Empower Special Needs - March 22, 2013

This year we would like to join Canada for World Water Day celebration scheduled on March 22nd. We want to promote clean water, sustainable aquatic habitats and use the World Water Day as a perfect time to focus public attention on the critical water issues of our era. We will have a brief presentation on clean water and energy. Plus, we have planned fun activities for kids and information session for parents. We will also take this opportunity to announce our Fundraising Event: Rain Barrel sale event. Other community leaders and representatives of the media have also been invited to attend. Event details are as follows:

  • Date:March 22nd
  • Time:12 pm to 3 pm (Keynote speech starting at 1pm)
  • Location:Gifted People Services office
  • Address:513 McNicoll Ave. Toronto ON M2H 2C9

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