Programs for Young Adults Funding options
18+ years old

Arts and Crafts

This is a 1 hour program where children experience 1-on-1 art classes such as crafts, painting, drawings, etc. Through each lesson, children strengthen both confidence and their creative art skills.

Piano Lessons

We offer 1-on-1 piano lessons with our experienced music teacher with a background in psychology. Classes take place on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Social Skills Program

Students learn how to interact with people at their own age, and then build confidence and friendship inside and outside the group. This program targets their socio-emotional development.

Trips, Events and Parties

Playing is an important skill for individuals with special needs. They are entitled to enjoy life with other normal developed individuals. We host events such as zoo trips, Halloween parties, fishing events, and much more!

Funding for Young Adults

Name of Fund Organization Website
Income Support Ministry of Community and Social Services
Help with Daily Living Passport Funding
Disability Benefit Service Canada
Registered Disability Savings Plan Service Canada
Canada Disability Savings Bond Bank of Montreal
Financial Assistance Municipality Fee Assistance Programs Vaughan (RecAssist): 905-832-8500
Markham: 905-475-4731
Richmond Hill: 905-884-0855 ext. 224
Day Activities Funding Assistance Program Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy
Vacation Funding Assistance Program Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy
Access to free City operated recreation programs Toronto Welcome Policy
The Museum and Arts Pass Toronto Library Museum & Arts Pass
Access to Movies Access 2
TTC Pass TTC Support Person Card